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BF-Department for Wood Science and Technology
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Wood Industry Cluster
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Increased industrial competition has driven the need for producers to reduce production costs and increase the product quality with implementation of the new innovative solutions.

One of the most important parts of the manufacturing processes based on the machining is machine tool performance. A lot of efforts to increase the machine tool performance have been provided. Unwanted vibrations are the major drawback to increase the material removal and quality of machined surfaces. Relative vibrations between a cutting tool and work piece can result in quality of a machining process with surface location errors and time-varying tool load, which may excite the structural modes of a machine-tool system. In this manner new and innovative solutions are required in the field of machine tool performance. The essential parts of machines are tools and their performances, which are greatly depended from the tool-lock mechanism and spindle couple.

The electro spindle concept has been developed from a single product to a complex system made of many specialized parts like engine, control units, roll ring, engine-spindle coupling, tool-lock systems, tool refrigeration system, quick tool changer, etc. This new and wide systemic vision implies a general review of design methodology of product/system in order to consider the new needs in terms of interface between components both on hardware/mechanical level and electronic / informatics one. The new generation of electro spindles will be able to answer to most of the previous mentioned challenge with reference to four main guidelines: performance, reliability, easy of use and costs.

The main project results are:

  • Prototypes of new innovative electro spindles with wide application
  • Prototypes of new innovative tool-lock mechanism
  • Analysis of motorised spindles dynamic features and model-aided prediction

    Project Coordinator is ELKEDE from Greece. In the project collaborate 3 EU countries (Greece, Italy and Slovenia). Slovenian partners are; PMV d.o.o., University of Ljubljana and Wood Industry Cluster.

    Project duration: from 1.1.2008 to 31.12.2009.

  • Commercialization
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    We are looking for a new industrial partners to commercialize developed prototyes. If you are interested in investment into further development of prototypes or you wish to take commercial role then please contact us.

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    For more detailed information and technical specification about developed prototypes please download brochure, leaflet in English and leaflet in Slovenian language.

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    We have developed several prototypes of innovative AC and EC electro spindles operating on very high turns.